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How to decorate the living room with materials?

A bizarre baroque style arose in Italy in the late 16th century. And, although it is considered one of the classic trends, at first it was a protest of artists and architects against ancient simplicity. In return came excessive emotionality, admiration for the elements and mysticism.

The furniture that filled the palaces and houses of the nobility of this time was just as sophisticated, elaborate and unimaginably luxurious. The new style gained particular fame in the second half of the 17th - early 18th centuries thanks to the French king Louis XIV. The intricacy and abundance of Baroque decor recalls the key style of the 12th century - Gothic, but differs in greater lightness, light shades and "feminine" forms. However, a skillful combination of both directions gives interesting results.


Luxury and abundance. Lush baroque - royal style. And today it is not accessible to everyone and is able to emphasize a high position in society. To massive furniture and an abundance of decor looked harmonious, you need a large area and high ceilings. “Background” is also quite expensive: stucco, gilding, wood panels, patterned parquet, fluffy carpets, heavy curtains to the floor, an abundance of works of art. Baroque living room. Furniture also cannot look cheap.

For its manufacture, an array of wood is used, decorated with complex carvings with plant motifs and curls, covered with transparent and colored varnishes, gilded, artificially aged. Wardrobes, tables, dressers are inlaid with veneer, mother of pearl, semiprecious stones, pieces of mirrors. Upholstered furniture is upholstered with expensive fabrics: velvet, jacquard, tapestry.

Generously decorated with tassels, fringe, frills and folds, furniture carnations with gold, silver or crystal hats. If the size of the rooms allows, the sofa and armchairs are complemented with couches and poufs, coffee tables, and not only cabinets and display cases are located near the walls, but also numerous consoles.

In addition to the bed, the bedroom has a bench and a pair of armchairs, a dressing table, chairs and pouffes. Baroque is characterized by an abundance of mirrors and lamps, although a large crystal chandelier plays the main role in lighting each room. The ornate forms and decorations entail difficulties in production. Baroque furniture is characterized by bends, convex and concave shapes, both horizontally and vertically.

Dressers and nightstands are recognizable by the rounded facade and sides. Sofas and armchairs have rounded backs and shell armrests. The head of the bed is also distinguished by smooth outlines, and bent carved legs are inherent in all furniture of this period. Baroque style bedroom. In the old days, bent elements were made of soaked and steamed wood and plywood.

Now furniture makers have MDF - an environmentally friendly, durable and malleable material, as well as numerically controlled machines that can cut complex shapes from the hardest wood. However, most operations remain manual and require skill. The production of such furniture cannot be massive. Moreover, the interior, overflowing with decor, must be harmoniously “knit together” with the help of similar shapes, patterns and colors. Even better, if the pattern or color will overlap with the decoration of the walls and ceiling, curtains or carpet. Baroque furniture production An item made to order will definitely fit into the designated place.

The baroque sofa can be supplemented with a berth and the desired transformation mechanism. Combining baroque furniture with other styles Equal combination And yet, despite the unity mentioned, Baroque loves diversity and contrasts. The main color combination - white with gold, can be safely supplemented with other luxurious shades: olive, ocher, blue, burgundy, deep blue and green.

Decorative pillows will help to add similarities to upholstered furniture in different colors. A combination of baroque and classic furniture looks very elegant: a calmer classic will help to "dilute" excessive decorativeness. The combination of baroque and other historical styles, provence and shabby chic also looks harmonious, especially if you select close shades of upholstery and varnish or use accents of the same color.


Style combination. Baroque and English or French styles will be effectively combined, since they are also characterized by classical proportions and techniques. Accent use. Baroque items, performing "solo", will fit into the interiors of the mentioned styles even more successfully. A sofa, armchair or table will look great in an eccentric spacious loft (that's just for cabinets there is hardly a place).

By choosing the right colors, a single object can be “fitted” even in glamor. All bright and extravagant trends: pop, kitsch and any other eclecticism also allow the use of baroque furniture, which always adds piquancy and sophistication to the interior.

The coming year brings innovations to every sphere of human life. For example, in 2019, according to the Pantone Color Institute, coral is unanimously recognized. Bright, but at the same time surprisingly pleasant to the eyes, life-affirming, warming and lively, it is considered to be an ideal shade for creating an elegant and cozy interior.

But it should be understood that it is very ambiguous, so you need to be able to properly present it. The result depends on lighting, harmonious combinations with other colors, the general concept of the room. However, why not take a chance and try on the image of a novice designer?

Color characteristic The powdery pinkish tones, which bring relaxation and bliss into the atmosphere of the home, have been replaced by a more active, somewhat playful shade. The coral color in the interior provides owners with a high vitality, inspiration and desire to create and move forward. If you are afraid that it will have an overly stimulating effect on the psyche, then try to make it into the general color palette of the house in a dosed manner, based on their personal sense of visual comfort.


Coral living room interior. It is a symbiosis of pink, dark red and orange hues, each of which can dominate. From this, the color intensity changes, so the coral has a rich spectrum - from gentle and elevated to deep defiant. The first option is great for the bedroom and the nursery, the second will be the perfect solution for the living room and kitchen. Particularly sensitive people consider it appetizing, sweet, warming, exotic. If the windows of the room face north or west, then he will fill it with warmth and will have both relaxation and communication.

Coral ceiling in the room.

Designers recommend using it in the decoration of country houses and cottages in the style of rustic, vintage, country. What is the best combination of colors with coral in the interior? The most successful is the ensemble of coral and blue, close to aquamarine or turquoise. Eligible partners also included golden, white, gray, brown, honey and olive. Small secrets of luxurious color.

Coral belongs to the category of warm shades, therefore, it should be remembered that its overabundance in the interior can make the atmosphere suffocating-hot. It would be reasonable to neutralize it with a gamut of cold tones - this will allow everyone to feel in the room extremely organically. Stylists do not recommend using it for decorating walls and ceilings in small rooms.

Visually, it will make the room cramped and too hot. This causes an irresistible feeling of discomfort. It is reasonable to limit yourself to small decorative elements. In this case, if you are tired of the situation and your soul requires other colors, you can get rid of them in a matter of minutes, which will refresh your perception. Choose the most pleasant shade for yourself. Light coral has a weightless and warm energy flirty spring, the predominance of pink in the spectrum gives it a cool refreshing touch. It is good for bedroom and nursery.

Bright coral temperamental and sultry, he is able to raise vitality and relieves the spleen. It must be used in very small doses in the dining room or kitchen. Dark coral differs in nobleness and elegance, harmoniously fits into an interior of a drawing room or an office. Secrets of Coral. Coral color in the interior. Combination with other colors in the format of each room. Let's try to fantasize a little and create the interior of the rooms of the house, taking as a basis the advice of professional designers. It will be exciting and useful for those who decided to radically change the image of their housing in accordance with the latest fashion trends.

The combination of coral color with other colors The energy of a recognized heart at home should be conducive to pleasant conversations with friends, inspire the hostess to create culinary masterpieces, increase the appetite of households. Bold combinations and bright contrasts are quite appropriate here. Perhaps a cheerful range, consisting of coral and pistachio or mint, would be the most suitable option for the interior of the kitchen. A calmer and more restrained alternative will be the following - to finish the walls with pearl gray with a light glossy tint and fragments of mint, and make the furniture facades coral. The ensemble of shades promises to become elegant and visually attractive. The common room is well filled with soft light. To do this, as a basis, you can use beige tones: caramel, creamy, vanilla, ecru.

Against this fertile background, rattan furniture and bright coral details in the form of pillows, curtains, decor, carpet will look great. Such a harmonious space in all respects will become a place of psychological relief and relaxation. Sophisticated brass or black glass sconces give the living room completeness and charm. Bedroom. Extreme caution is required here - coral should not be dominant!

Do not forget that this is a rather dynamic and exciting color, so it is quite possible to limit yourself to a coverlet in its most muted shade and the same lambrequin against the background of white tulle. Coral bedroom for teens. The overall color palette of wallpapers is best maintained in an olive tone with a barely noticeable silver tint.

The finishing touches in the picture of this aristocratic bedroom will be the lampshades of the bedside sconces, in the on state they fill the room with scattered pinkish reflections. - Children. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the temperament of the child. Slow phlegmatic rather energetic spectrum of this color will only benefit, but it will irritate a melancholic or choleric. Room for a boy.

Girls can decorate the room in soft golden tones, and the boy in muted turquoise. In both cases, small details of the coral color enliven the space and add heat to it. It can be a transparent tulle, a fluffy bedside rug, some interior gizmos. By contacting our studio in any way possible , you will receive detailed information about our company and how we differ from other studios.

We will also tell you how to build work on a project, what its cost is made up of, how much time it will take to develop it and arrange a meeting, london interior design | residential interior design london | Interior design concept for modern luxury home in London | Hotel interior design project in London.
- First meeting (acquaintance)

The first meeting is usually held in the studio’s office, here we will introduce you to different types of projects, in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere, we will discuss all your wishes for a future interior with a cup of coffee, and we will focus on a possible redevelopment and timing of the project, Interior design concept for modern home in London | Interior design project for a classic house in London | Modern house interior design concept in London | Interior design hotel concept in London | Classic house interior design concept in London | Interior design concept for a clothes shop in London.

- Our company has a strictly contractual relationship. All our promises: the cost, timing and composition of the project and other conditions, we always fix in the contract, Luxury home interior design project in London | Beauty salon interior design concept in London | Modern beauty salon interior design in London | Interior design for a classic luxury restaurant in London | Interior design beauty salon project in London.

- You can familiarize yourself with the contract template here . four Technical task With the signing of the contract, you, together with the designer, fill out a detailed technical task, which reflects all the wishes of the customer, for example - how many rooms must be provided, what is their functional purpose of the premises, what kind of filling is planned and much more, Classic interior design apartment in London | Terrace restaurant interior design in London | Interior design classic luxury home concept in London | Mediterranean style interior design restaurant in London | Classic house project in London.

- The designer travels to the object at a time convenient for you and makes a complete measurement of the object and photofixation of all the necessary nodes and communications.

This is a very important stage, since all subsequent work will be built on the basis of this information, Interior design wedding restaurant reception project in London | Luxury classic style project for apartment in London | Interior design concept for a modern apartment in London | Contemporary interior design home in London | Classic interior design apartment project in London.

- Planning decision
After measurement, the designer will offer you several planning decisions for discussion . After you consider all the options, amendments, additions and changes are made and as a result, the only planning solution that suits you and suits all parameters is born.

- Concept development
The second key design phase. Before proceeding with the selection of finishing materials, furniture and equipment, we will determine the direction and develop a concept for the future interior, Contemporary style interior design home in London | Luxury contemporary style interior design home in London | Project for a classic style home in London | Contemporary interior design project house in London | Classic style interior design house in London | Modern home interior design concept in London.
Let's make a selection of examples of interiors from magazines, catalogs. We perform light hand-drawn sketches of some details defining the interior.

The concept will reflect the main elements of the interior being developed: style, color scheme, form of furniture, key details. eight Selection of materials At this stage, all the necessary finishing materials are selected , together with the designer you will visit the stores and showrooms of our suppliers, Interior design project classic house in London | Interior design project modern house in London | Classic interior design home concept in London.

We will offer furniture, sanitary ware, tiles, lighting equipment, floor and wall coverings suitable in style, cost and other parameters .

- 3D visualization
After the concept is defined, all the key components of the project are selected and the main section of the drawings is done, we begin to create 3D visualization, the process is not simple and not quick, but it always gives a clear understanding of what your future interior will be like.

The visualization is ready, all materials have been selected, the budget has been calculated, it’s time to put all this into the drawings and draw up according to all company standards, Classic luxurious home interior design in London | Classic style interior design project home in London | Luxurious classic interior design home project in London.

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At this stage, the designer makes final changes to the drawings, prepares specifications, checks all openings, nodes and sections and submits the project for verification eleven, Luxury interior design.

Project completion.
- So the project is ready, together with the designer you will go through all its sections once again and discuss the implementation details and possible next steps.
The first stage is behind, you are prepared for the construction work, you can imagine exactly what your future interior will turn out to be and fully imagine the budget for future expenses.

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