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A 4-room apartment arranged in a classical style for a young family - Ideas for interior design

The basis for the modern reconstruction of a three-room apartment in a house with low-rise panels was a well planned refurbishment and unusual ideas, design interior case.

The kitchen is separated from the living room by a large dining table

Recently, Maria and Ionut have decided to change their home. They have a small son, and in the future they will need more space and comfort for him and at the same time have an idea of ​​a more modern look of the house.


In the house of low-rise panels, which lived for nine years, it became possible to buy another apartment. Therefore, this is the unique and logical decision - replacing the apartments and renting old ones.

Entrance hall.

A quiet area, close to the center of a small north-bohemian city, fits both spouses. Before changing from one apartment to another, a major renovation of the larger apartment from the top floor of the house was made.

The place to eat.

In the major repair process, only the windows and heaters have not changed. The apartment has an area of ​​80 square meters more than the standard in a classic building. However, a large area and number of rooms can not always provide comfort. The biggest disadvantage of the layout was the kitchen, which was not mass-mounted.

Living room

The adjoining room was small and the living room did not fit at all. Compared to a relatively large apartment, the bathroom was small and was not practical, the entrance was only through the kitchen, firme amenajari interioare Constanta. There were other negative parts, including an old bath, an old kitchen, floors and bad doors.


The hosts sought inspiration in many magazines. Repairs wanted to offer professionals who were found on the Internet. And looking forward to the result.

There are no built-in cupboards in the parents' bedroom, but a work area was equipped.

"After several meetings with potential artists, we chose to call on the services of an interior architect," he adds, "we have found mutual understanding." The architect gained the trust of the owners, who willingly cooperated with her. She believed that a large area of ​​the apartment offers excellent opportunities to create a new interior.

Planning should be capable
The main requirement of the owners was to create a living room, combined with a kitchen and a dining room. Therefore, the architect had to significantly change the layout. Dedicating two rooms, the number of living rooms was reduced, but a spacious air room was formed, separated from the hall by the glass sliding doors.

The interior designer chose a spectacular solution that replaced two doors with opening wings and saved the area. The living room ends with a southwest loggia.

The three-year-old son received the brightest southwest room, the interior of which is designed for another brother.


For the husband it was a pleasant surprise to move the bathroom instead of the former kitchen. Thanks to an excellent idea, the family enjoys a spacious and bright bathroom with a window.

The architect used the apartment square to the maximum, using each niche instead of the former buildings. One of them, for example, was used for a hanger in the hallway. Part of the kitchen is now a dressing room, and the owners have arranged a washing machine and dryer.

Focus on wood
In the previous apartment owners preferred beech, the new design being dominated by walnut, teak, white color and natural tones.

This time we wanted to have a wooden floor in the whole apartment. Plates without heating in the living room are cold, design interior casa Galati. The manufacturer has recommended a water-resistant teak and showed a wooden mosaic that has influenced the look of the bathroom, "says Eva. Custom made furniture in a price-affordable combination of laminate and film was made by experienced carpenters, designed by architect.

"Everything is happening, my son has his kingdom. And the bath is bathed by the sun before dinner, it is superb", the host praises the successful redevelopment of the apartment.

New guests arriving in the renovated apartment are equipped with a new kitchen. Because they both like to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, they decided to grow it and equip it with storage space. Although the project was entrusted to the specialists, both actively participated in the future decision.

U-shaped white-white U-shaped kitchens feature Bordeaux-colored glossy cabinets.

In the kitchen studio, the new elders came up with a very clear idea. They needed a new kitchen with built-in appliances in the cabinets they wanted large drawers where they could hide the crusher and other modern appliances.

The hobbies of both spouses are manifested in the kitchen equipment.

In semi-slippery boxes, everything stored in them is perfectly visible.

Think of the smallest detail.
Immediately at the entrance of the studio they drew attention to the induction panel with an atypical width of 90 centimeters and five cooking zones. "We liked the panel, so we ordered it right away, and then we started planning the kitchen," remembers her new housewife.
Small boxes are equipped with practical organizers for convenient storage of tableware and other small items.
On a laminated gray work surface, a gray sink made of composite material and a simple tap with a retractable shower.

The final design of the kitchen was created as a result of several visits to the studio, while the hosts were familiar with various solutions and possible materials. During the constructive discussion, it was possible to prepare a project that was thought about the smallest detail.
Above the broad felt ceiling of the same width.

In high gloss
As a result, the hosts were very pleased. In the studio, they were offered some non-standard solutions that make work more comfortable in the kitchen. In addition to the wider washing area with the sink, for example, fete de masa rotunde restaurant it is also a lower worktop with a stove, so there is a storage space behind the induction panel.

The large furniture module includes built-in appliances - a refrigerator, freezer, oven and microwave, as well as a shelf with a transparent door.

At the recommendation of the kitchen studio specialist, the owners have chosen an ergonomic solution: two-level work areas - larger in the wash area and smaller in the work area.

Black and white kitchen furniture enriches the glossy, glossy glossy cabinets, the massive floor makes the interior heat.
The wall lamp illuminates the table
The living room is optically separated from the kitchen by a table, which can accommodate comfortably 10 people.

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