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Nobili Design ofera servicii de design interior case clasice de lux, cuprinzand toate stilurile de amenajari interioare vile, apartamente moderne. Firma design interior stil clasic, modern

Interior design ideas classic style apartments

The interior design of the apartments is announced to be extremely beautiful with themes of decor that combine aesthetics, reliability and strong colors. We can see some trends that are distinctive. Applied inside your apartment, these decorative themes will come with a charm and unmatched joy.

Wallpaper - for a warm and diversified decor. Very often used for wall design, the wallpaper comes with a wide variety of textures, motifs and themes. More trends can be seen for interior design apartments, amenajari interioare apartamente.


The retro style reborn and comes to the apartments with some special reasons. Graphic squares, representations of spring gardens, all come with fascinating décor for your apartment.

Graphic design. The graphic motifs dominate and combine with modern artistic creations. The effect produced is guaranteed.

Style sic. The effects of optical illusion are those that dominate this style where sobriety is the stake for this style in color, fete de masa rotunde restaurant. The satin or velvet wallpaper is taken as a model and comes with elegance and discretion for the rooms in the apartment.

The bucolic style. Animals and exotic flowers are the ones that are representative of this style. It fits nicely with more delicate furniture.

Wood - for a warm and convivial decoration. The list of interior decorations for apartments is also the wood that occupies a place of honor. You can bet on wainscoting, wood or exotic wood flooring to give the apartment the desired effect.

Gross and natural are also two sure values. Tadelakt, lime or concrete ... these are materials that come in different shapes and fit any style.

The sandstone, parquet or tiles are the ones you can rely on and the tendency is natural, white and black. But you can also play with gradients, blends, and color turns, firme amenajari interioare Constanta.

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